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The Vital Monitoring System (VMS)

VMS is a clinically proven risk management technology that uses algorithms to identify and predict clinical deterioration of users with respiratory illness risk indicators.
A collaboration between Deakin University, National Trauma Research Institute, SaniteX Global and Samsung.
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Everyone benefits
when your
school adopts

The Smart Analytical Model (SAM)

SAM is a predictive procurement cloud-based app that streamlines compliance with ever-changing regulations. SAM saves you time and optimizes your spend on health and safety products.
All in 30 seconds. 

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“There is significant federal funding available and not utilized, most teachers don’t even know it exists.’s SAM app makes procuring health and safety products easy so schools can focus their efforts where they belong, on teaching the next generation.”

— Kellie Moulin – Assistant Principal, Worcester Public Schools, MA, USA

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Compliance with ease and certainty. 

A fully integrated platform for health and safety products that benefits all.


Everyone benefits

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  • Teachers and Principals need to operate in an environment free of unnecessary worry so they can teach the next generation.
  • With new variants and continued uncertainty, there is no reason why schools shouldn’t have the best tools like the SAM app to protect them.
  • Speak to your school administration today about the benefits of the SAM app.
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  • Whether you work in Facilities, Information Technology, Health & Safety, or as a Custodian, all staff benefit when a school operates safely and efficiently. 
  • The SAM app slashes countless hours from the work week and gives that time back to staff, helping productivity and employee satisfaction.
  • Importantly, the SAM app is secure and requires no sensitive staff or student information.
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  • Superintendents and Directors of School Facilities share a common goal – running an efficient, reliable, and safe environment for all.
  • ​The SAM app is smart and for built for compliance, both now and in the long-term.
  • Importantly, the SAM app integrates with suppliers on the latest statewide contract under the PPE and other items solicitation, which is FEMA compliant, therefore reducing compliance risk and increasing funding certainty.
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  • Whether it's unions, parents, community officials, or other third parties, it is in our collective interests that our schools are safe places to enter and importantly to learn in.
  • The SAM app helps schools comply with regulations, optimize spend, and source from a safe and vetted supply chain.
  • Speak to your school administration today about the benefits of the SAM app.

Benefits to your sector

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  • With the NY HERO Act now in force, provides several solutions which support ongoing compliance and readiness to protect your employees and students.
  • Aside from the clear time and cost-saving benefits, the ability to demonstrate (on demand) to stakeholders your school’s compliance with ever-changing regulations builds confidence.
  • It also lowers insurance risk and importantly keeps safety front of mind.
  • Integration is seamless, SAM is a web-based app that can be accessed easily at any time.
  • The SAM app can assist with predictive procurement for other product categories too.
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Public / Charter

  • For too many years, the public education system has had to fight for resources.
  • In this unprecedented moment in history, our public education system sees itself with more funding than it can allocate, yet our students and staff are still in harm’s way.
  • The SAM app and others on meet the ‘allowable expense’ hurdle established by the federal government.
  • ​The SAM app also integrates with suppliers on centralized procurement contracts, that are compliant with federal procurement rules, therefore reducing the risk of non-compliant post-award funding use reviews.

New Feature Available:
See what federal funding your New York school's Local Education Agency (LEA) received

Institution Type:
Local Education Agency (LEA):






tick_edited.png's suite of apps are allowable expenses

Four easy steps to experience the benefits of 


As a cloud-based platform, signing up for free is the first step to ensure you know about our latest apps.



Experience the power of the SAM App for free, including key functionality and access to training videos and other support.



Details for each school are pre-populated in the SAM App for you.  With our distribution center based in New York, supply is just a day away.  


Generate a compliance certificate for each order to demonstrate your focus on health & safety and compliance with federal funding guidelines.  

Get your 14 day free trial of the


Run your school's analysis in under 30 seconds

Run your first Certificate of


Predictive procurement allowing local sourcing solutions

Tap or click the video screen to play and unmute the audio.


Developed by world-leading artificial intelligence experts. 

"This groundbreaking approach is applicable for any regulated procurement process," said Professor Rajesh Vasa, Head of Translational Research at A2I2. 

Professor Rajesh Vasa team supported the development of Smart Analytical Model (SAM).


As a Smart Procurement tool, SAM helps school administrators navigate thousands of pages of regulation and guidance to ensure schools are getting the best American-made products. 

$1,000 from every license sold supports our heroes

For each annual SAM license sold through, $500 will be donated each to two not-for-profit organizations that support our heroes. 

“The team at have been a great hiring partner of the Special Operators Transition Foundation (SOTF).  To help with its talent needs, partnered with SOTF to identify and bring on three new Regional Directors, providing these special operations veterans an opportunity to use their unique skills to help build a business from the ground up.

We at SOTF see this relationship as an exciting model for how organizations can utilize the high-level expertise of our Fellows to develop and implement their business goals. If you want to read more about’s work with our SOTF Fellows, see the news article located here.”  

-Dennis Hayashi,
Corporate Engagements, SOTF

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Take the guesswork out of procurement...
By taking the first step today.

“Schools will save hundreds of administration hours using – and the best part is that the funding for public schools is already available for them to use”

— David A. Collard, Founder & CEO

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