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The world has changed. There is a new normal for how we work and interact with each other. is at the forefront of ensuring your organization’s most important asset – your people – feel safe re-entering physical workplaces.


Using the latest technology, is your trusted partner in during the re-opening phase and the critical phase of ensuring your people stay safe and your organization stays safe. product highlight - Smart Analytical Model (SAM) explained

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How the suite of products and experts can help

We help you and your community navigate the new normal. is a patented suite of innovative technology solutions developed by global experts across a range of specialty fields including neural networks, regulation, health, financial and location strategy.


These solutions allow our clients the freedom to solve problems and realize their potential.


We learn about your buildings and physical environments and apply our expertise to make your locations safer and more productive.


We navigate complex health and safety regulations for you.


Led by a team of regulatory experts and developed alongside Deakin University’s Applied Artificial Intelligence Institute (A2I2), recommends a complete list of required safety and related products and the optimal volume each user needs to re-open physical locations safely.


Our deep learning technology instantly navigates the dozens of complex federal and state regulations, to know exactly what products are required in under 30 seconds to re-open and stay open. 


For those entities eligible for Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) or other reimbursement our Smart Analytical Model is a must have.  See the video above for more information.


We have a comprehensive understanding of the built environment.


Our online platform analyses floor plans using patented machine learning to understand and predict the optimal re-opening strategy for any physical environment.  From placement of equipment to identifying high foot traffic areas, the suite of products offers will ensure safety and budget efficiency.


We are making your people safe re-entering their physical workplace before they leave the comfort of their home.


In the wake of a global pandemic, the demand for safe environments is real.  At, we bring to market the latest clinically trialed and proven technologies to screen people for COVID-19 and other respiratory illnesses. Through analyzing 18 data points including multiple vitals from the comfort of your home,’s technology identifies people who are at risk of sickness before they leave home, limiting the risk of transmission to the community and your workforce.


We use national, state and local economic modelling to assist client strategy. has utilized the latest economic data to identify industries with the greatest economic impact when closed or re-opened at various scenarios at the national and state level. 


If you are a business leader or government official, has interactive re-opening scenario tools which can assist in your re-opening strategy and emphasize the industries and phases of re-opening, including their multiplier effects, that are most critical to your organization. is tailored to your industry needs





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