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About us

Our mission

To use innovation to efficiently and safely re-open the world.

Our offering

The platform is a cloud-based platform that learns about locations and recommends optimal services and product types in the needed quantity.  

The apps has multiple apps that reside on the platform. These apps support facilities and infrastructure across all industries, both now and into the future. As an example, one of our new apps is the Smart Analytical Model (SAM). 


SAM is a predictive procurement app that utilizes publicly available data and machine learning to simplify the procurement process and assist users in assessing and sourcing appropriate quantities of products from a secure supply chain. 

The modules 

Within apps on the platform, there are modules which can be added to improve your organizations capability, experience, and compliance. As an example, within the SAM app, the module Safe re-opening: PPE & other items is the first of many reg-tech (regulation technology) modules helping users to identify what types of products they need to be compliant with ever-changing regulatory and federal funding guidance.

The e-marketplace is integrated with a trusted e-marketplace and vetted supply chain to provide any physical products recommended by apps that reside on the platform. 


All suppliers and their products are compliant with Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) guidelines. This is achieved due to our strict onboarding processes and transparent reporting.

Our founder and CEO is a global business executive and turnaround business strategist, who runs companies across multiple industries and continents in the B2C, B2B and B2G categories. 


Honing his skills through a successful career at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), David started his career in Australia before achieving Partner in the firm's New York office at the extraordinary age of 32. 


David is a creator and facilitator of innovation, from his own emerging patented technologies to facilitating industry solutions with innovators, adopters, and investors. 


Because of his deep understanding of the barriers within global supply chains, David has made it his mission to ensure anyone can navigate through the complexities of government regulation and guidelines using tailor made technological solutions.

Our founder

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David A. Collard

Our global partners and advisors


One of the world’s preeminent research institutes integrating injury research, education and medical technologies to improve clinical care and outcomes.


One of Australia's leading universities, Deakin is an award-winning teaching and research institute offering world-class programs and endless opportunity. 


Australia's most comprehensive hospital network, Alfred Health is committed to discovering and delivering the next generation of healthcare through research and education.

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Our partnership with the Australian Government includes the Entrepreneurs' Program. Their unique services give businesses access to expert advice and financial support.

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