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Our Floor Plan Analyzer (FPA) analyzes floor plans using patent-pending machine learning to understand and predict interactions within your physical environment.  From placement of equipment to identifying high foot traffic areas, FPA offers safety and budget efficiency.


FEMA reimbursable technology for eligible  entities


Floor plans for all your locations can be scanned in minutes


Of committed funding to bring additional features and products


Accuracy on recognition of key floor plan features 

What is FPA?

  • Every company has physical spaces that form the core of its business. From office spaces to retail spaces, companies rely on maximizing the use of their space to get the best return on their investment.

  • More so, as our people change the way they interact with physical workplaces it is even more pressing to understand the drivers for allocating our finance resources.

  • FPA's patent pending technology scans and identifies key features on floor plans and utilizes the learnings to recommend optimal regulatory driven procurement decisions.​

  • Is your beautifully designed space maximizing your return? Is your factory floor in compliance with the myriad of regulations that govern everything from fire extinguishers to windows?

  • How long and how many people would it take you to answer those questions? Where do you even start?

  • FPA, developed by our regulatory experts and some of the most advanced minds of AI and ML, answer these questions for you. 

FPA in the procurement industry

  • A  procurement officer responsible for numerous building locations needs to quickly determine what products are needed to comply with a recently enacted health and safety regulation.

  • Further, budget is constrained due to the impact of the pandemic and also the need to demonstrate what is procured is "necessary" to ensure reimbursement for the costs by FEMA.

  • Using FPA's state of the art in image recognition, the procurement official scans hundreds of floor plans in a matter of seconds generating the exact number of products required.

  • By using FPA, the procurement official gains efficiency on multiple levels while mitigating risk, taking the first step toward the future of predictive procurement.

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Floor Plan Analyzer (FPA)

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