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Through the power of technology, integrated with a vetted and secure supply chain, is your trusted partner in ensuring your workplace and communities re-open safely and stay open.



Smart Analytical Model’s (SAM) deep learning technology instantly navigates thousands of pages of complex federal and state regulations in under 30 seconds to re-open safely and stay open.



Our suite of solutions

Our team of innovators and experts combine to bring your organization a suite of accessible and evidence-based solutions integrated into your own app store, ensuring immediate compliance and long-term value.

Our e-marketplace

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A diverse, secure and compliant supply chain


We have established a new marketplace, integrated with to supply the products our solutions recommend.


Suppliers are vetted to the highest standards during onboarding, coupled with ongoing surveillance of their supply chains.


We prioritize local, minority, veteran and women owned suppliers that are compliant with current federal and state government procurement standards.

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Smart Analytical Model (SAM)

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