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Deciphering federal funding for schools? We’ve got the numbers has made it possible for schools to see exactly how much ESSER funding they are entitled to, instantly and all in one place.’s funding tool shows how much federal funding your school’s Learning Education Agency (LEA) has received from all three ESSER funds under the CARES Act, CRRSA Act, and ARP Act.

This tool has collated information on funding to ensure schools can see how much money their LEAs have been given without having to trawl through pages and pages of legislation and related documents.

Data for this tool has been gathered and meticulously aggregated from Department of Education resources, including the Education Stabilization Fund (ESF) website.

To find out how much money has been allocated to your local LEA, find's federal funding calculator on our New York Education page and type in the name of your school. You will then be presented with information on the institution type, your LEA, and a breakdown of how much money is coming from each fund.

For example, Abbey Lane School in Levittown, NY is a public school in the Levittown Union Free School District. They have received $235,888 from the ESSER Fund (CARES Act), $6,799,803 from the ESSER II Fund (CRRSA Act), and $4,729,600 from ARP ESSER (ARP Act).

This is just one of the many things is doing to make re-opening easier, safer, and cheaper for schools across New York. is committed to its decision to help the New York education system before any other sector by providing our Smart Analytical Model (SAM) app to schools across New York State.

Find out more about’s commitment to the education system here.

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