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Major New York newspaper praises

The New York Post has published a piece outlining the “surreal series of events” that led’s CEO and Founder, David A. Collard, to start his global enterprise.

The New York Post article highlights, the platform created by Collard to support workplaces and facilities re-open safely and continue to stay open.

Collard’s resilience in the face of the despair, loss, and devastation New York City endured throughout the COVID-19 pandemic is a testament to his sheer determination for doing what is right, not simply what is easy.

“This pandemic has been traumatic – there’s no denying it. What matters is that you give what you can and do what you can to restore strength and bring this city back to life,” Collard says.

This feature in the New York Post comes just a week after the physical newspaper was wrapped, cover to cover, with information on and its suite of data-driven, evidence-based solutions.

Read more about David A. Collard in the New York Post article – “Meet the man who’s helping workplaces and schools re-open safely,” – here.

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