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Meet VMS Pro: the clinician tool built specifically for pandemics

The Vital Monitoring System (VMS) Pro is a clinician tool specifically designed to make both remote and in-hospital patient monitoring in pandemic environments efficient and safe.

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VMS Pro is a clinical solution that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to determine deterioration risk in patients. It is HIPPA compliant and has been clinically trialed in Australia and the United States to great success.

The dashboard of VMS Pro is carefully designed by clinicians to provide an accessible and easily readable snapshot of patient health. At a glance, a clinician can know exactly who needs follow-up or medical attention.

Patient profiles are simple to construct and update, as well as being comprehensive and easily integrated into the system. These profiles can include a great level of detail, including emergency contacts and other patient information.

Each patient’s risk is assessed in real-time while taking into account pre-existing conditions as well as their symptoms. Remote patients are prompted to record their own blood oxygen saturation levels, body temperature, and heart rate, having received guidance from a clinician. This provides a comprehensive and holistic risk assessment, leading to a 100 percent sensitivity rate.

The system can prompt various actions to be taken, depending on what patient data reflects. This includes getting the patients to reply to text prompts for condition tracking; a clinician to monitor, record, or update on these conditions and their follow-up observations.

VMS Pro is powerful and consistent in a way a human-managed system couldn’t be, even prompting clinicians to check in with low-to-no risk patients. In its clinical trial, VMS Pro got an under-triage rate of 0 percent, meaning no one was missed, and an over-triage rate of 2.7 percent.

From a psychological perspective, the system even provides patients the right contact numbers for support rather than a universal helpline that can have long wait times and who would lack patient details to inform their approach. VMS Pro is driven by patient satisfaction, having scored 90 percent in clinical trial results, and built by clinicians for clinicians.

VMS Pro lowers the risk of human error in patient monitoring, enabling certainty in remote health conditions.

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