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National science agency recognizes

“Re-opening the world to Australian innovation,” says Australia’s national science agency and innovation catalyst, CSIRO, referring to’s parent company, SaniteX Global.

Outlining the company, CSIRO has compiled a case study identifying the challenges that birthed SaniteX Global, the support CSIRO provided, and the outcome.

The CSIRO case study explains SaniteX Global’s mission to support countries affected by the COVID-19 pandemic through and ensuring they have access to Australian-made products.

SaniteX Global was introduced to the CSIRO’s Innovation Connections program, a one-on-one facilitated service assisting enterprises in establishing efficient research practices. An introduction CEO and Founder of SaniteX Global, David A. Collard says was invaluable.

“Without it, we would never have known the capabilities we needed were right at our doorstep,” he says.

To read more, visit the CSIRO website.


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