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Australian innovation leads post-pandemic charge to re-open America

Two Australian-owned organizations committed to protecting public health have joined forces to safely re-open American businesses, institutions, and communities as the COVID-19 pandemic is brought under control.

The solution is coming from the web-based app platform, which has partnered with premium skincare hygiene brand, Elyptol to distribute Elyptol’s award-winning Federal Drug Administration (FDA) and Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) registered hygiene products.

Federal, state, and local regulations responding to heightened public health requirements are proving difficult for small businesses, schools, and communities to navigate.

re-open.coms online platform has launched in New York State - the epicenter of the COVID-19 U.S. outbreak - initially for that state’s education system.

The platform was developed alongside Deakin University’s Applied Artificial Intelligence Institute - and is designed to expand to every US state.

The U.S. Federal Government has committed billions of dollars to help industries nationwide re-open and stay open over the next three years. With’s platform, Australian manufacturers like Elyptol and innovators such as the National Trauma Research Institute and Deakin University will be able to showcase their products to the world’s largest economy. uses the power of neural networks and artificial intelligence to allow business owners, managers, and users to discover the products and optimal volumes they need to re-open their physical locations safely and keep them safe, something with the passing of the HERO Act by New York state legislators, will see New York employers held to the highest standard in the world.

Elyptol kills infection in less than twenty seconds and its proven safety and effectiveness mean it is widely used in hospitals, by paramedics, and by consumers. Even using the sanitizer dozens of times a day will not trigger skin issues such as dermatitis.