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Australian innovation leads post-pandemic charge to re-open America

Two Australian-owned organizations committed to protecting public health have joined forces to safely re-open American businesses, institutions, and communities as the COVID-19 pandemic is brought under control.

The solution is coming from the web-based app platform, which has partnered with premium skincare hygiene brand, Elyptol to distribute Elyptol’s award-winning Federal Drug Administration (FDA) and Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) registered hygiene products.

Federal, state, and local regulations responding to heightened public health requirements are proving difficult for small businesses, schools, and communities to navigate.

re-open.coms online platform has launched in New York State - the epicenter of the COVID-19 U.S. outbreak - initially for that state’s education system.

The platform was developed alongside Deakin University’s Applied Artificial Intelligence Institute - and is designed to expand to every US state.

The U.S. Federal Government has committed billions of dollars to help industries nationwide re-open and stay open over the next three years. With’s platform, Australian manufacturers like Elyptol and innovators such as the National Trauma Research Institute and Deakin University will be able to showcase their products to the world’s largest economy. uses the power of neural networks and artificial intelligence to allow business owners, managers, and users to discover the products and optimal volumes they need to re-open their physical locations safely and keep them safe, something with the passing of the HERO Act by New York state legislators, will see New York employers held to the highest standard in the world.

Elyptol kills infection in less than twenty seconds and its proven safety and effectiveness mean it is widely used in hospitals, by paramedics, and by consumers. Even using the sanitizer dozens of times a day will not trigger skin issues such as dermatitis. Founder and CEO, David Collard said:

“So far, purchasing decisions regarding personal protective equipment (PPE) and other health safety equipment in the wake of the pandemic have been made on sub-optimal data – essentially a trial-and-error approach. For instance, I have seen reports of teachers buying PPE for their classes out of their own pocket. was birthed out of the pandemic to ensure that communities can access the best and optimal quantity of health safety products and technologies.

“At the height of the pandemic, we know too well this wasn’t the case.

“We are proud to partner with Elyptol as we believe their products are best of their kind anywhere in the world in terms of safety, but also keeping skin health at a high standard. provides unique insights for organizations as our solution understands the complex and dynamic world of global regulation and translates this for ease of application for communities nationally and internationally.

“Importantly, for those eligible entities, all products purchased through are fully reimbursable by the Federal Emergency Management Authority (FEMA), given FEMA’s focus on ‘necessity’, ‘allocable’, ‘reasonableness of price’ and ‘documentation.”

Elyptol President and Chief Executive Officer, Tim O’ Connor said:

“We created Elyptol several years ago after we found conventional sanitizers were using toxic chemicals that focused purely on a fast germ kill rate, but often at the expense of skin health and the environment.

“So partnering with a business which shares the values of quality, safety and innovation give Elyptol certainty that we can have a large impact on community health and well-being.

“We’re excited by the advanced technology has brought to the market to guarantee the provision of safe and high-quality solutions, like Elyptol. I am pleased we can bring our world-class and award-winning products to re-opening the world’s largest economy.” is a cloud-based platform with multiple apps to support facilities and infrastructure now and into the future, including:

  • Smart Analytical Model (SAM) - a predictive procurement solution utilizing building and people-specific public data to assess and source the products and quantities companies, governments, and consumers need from a secure supply chain.

  • Vital Monitoring System – a clinically backed remote monitoring of respiratory health risk assessments for single-use or mass populations.

  • Footsteps - location technology that tracks human movement in a venue to enable appropriate distancing and health protocols.

  • Pandemic Economic Model an interactive economic report identifying the impact re-opening or closing has on states, industries, and the national level.

  • Floor Plan Analyzer - analyzes floor plans using patented machine learning to understand the placement of equipment to identifying high foot traffic areas.


Elyptol isn’t just an anti-bacterial, it is anti-microbial, the result of years of extensive research and development using green chemistry. The effective germ-killing formula includes the essence of eucalyptus oil, a component high in antioxidant properties and scientifically proven in independent studies to help alleviate contact dermatitis and relieve symptoms of allergic dermatitis.

Elyptol is used in hospitals and by paramedics and is widely available across the counter in stores, and online. Elyptol is registered with the Food and Drug Administration in the United States. And the TGA in Australia.


Join us as we re-open the world

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