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PRESS RELEASE: secures Samsung partnership teams up with Samsung for COVID-19 risk management

AUSTRALIA – As waves of people across Australia prepare to return to the workplace,’s Vital Monitoring System (VMS) is making the transition much safer, and, through integrating with Samsung’s ground-breaking Galaxy Watch4, much more accessible for individuals and communities alike.

VMS makes use of blood oxygen and heart rate measurements, which can be measured by the new Wear OS Powered by Samsung feature, of which the Galaxy Watch4 is the first smartwatch to include.

VMS is an Australian-born technology that recently launched globally on after successfully expanding into the U.S. market using SaniteX Global’s scale facilitation model.

As lockdowns and work-from-home orders lift across Australia, VMS and other apps will bolster the efforts of vaccines and other prevention measures, giving communities peace-of-mind when it comes to re-entering the world.

Integrated with the Galaxy Watch4, VMS provides a health screening every morning – prompted by a routine SMS message linking to an observation survey – including temperature, SpO2, heart rate, COVID- 19 symptoms, and whether they are a close contact of someone who has, or is showing symptoms of having, COVID-19. All of which can be done on the Galaxy Watch4.

Samsung Electronics Australia is integrating VMS on the Galaxy Watch4 on a trial basis.

Please see the full press release below.


Join us as we re-open the world

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