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Re-opening New York State Education

Over a year into the coronavirus pandemic, with industries being overwhelmed by the complexities of re-opening safely, there is one sector in safe hands.

The New York State education system has the opportunity to utilize to help its staff and students return to learning safely.

Using's Smart Analytical Model (SAM), the entirety of the New York School system’s PPE requirements can be calculated in under 30 seconds, navigating thousands of pages of regulations from dozens of regulators, government departments, and agencies.

With many schools operating at partial capacity due to fears of spreading the virus, and with parents given the choice to have their children opt-in to in-person instruction, it seems an ambitious task to attempt to re-open a school at full capacity.

It is an ambitious task and is a willing partner, ready to assist. is a cloud-based platform with multiple apps to support facilities and infrastructure now and into the future. One of these apps, SAM, is a software that predicts and recommends optimal re-opening products and solutions by using artificial neural networks and artificial intelligence to navigate regulations. The organization is focussing on the New York State education system as the first industry they help to re-open.’s CEO and Founder, David A. Collard says the decision to help the education sector first is a personal one. The son of two retired teachers, Collard says, “teaching is a noble profession… it’s not right to have teachers put at risk.”

Collard is a global business executive who has made a career navigating all forms of complex regulations for some of the world’s largest clients. For 15 years he worked at PwC, originally starting in its Australian firm before making Partner in the New York office at just 32 years of age. He runs companies across multiple industries and continents, fostering innovation wherever he goes.

Collard’s strong sense of morality is a pillar of Witnessing the devastation New York faced at the height of the pandemic in 2020 firsthand, he was compelled to put his unique skill set to work and make a pos