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Taking Australia’s most innovative technologies to the world

Geelong, AUSTRALIA – In the wake of a global pandemic impacting every aspect of how humans live, work, and play, has emerged as a leader in providing solutions to some of the world's most complex public health problems.

Through partnerships with Australian academic and research institutions, orchestrated by Scale Facilitation™️, innovations have been fostered to assist in the comeback from the current public health emergency and in preparation for the next pandemic.

Scale Facilitation™️ has pioneered a new process of growing innovations by removing the numerous barriers for entry to international markets, especially for aspiring Australian innovators.

Today marks a milestone moment for's affiliate company, SaniteX Global – which is also a channel to market for Scale Facilitation™️ innovations – as it opens its new Australian headquarters in the Federal Mills innovation precinct in Geelong, Victoria. In addition, the company is also announcing a $1 million contribution to Geelong’s own, Deakin University’s Applied Artificial Intelligence Institute (A²I²).

This event also marked the launch of in the United States to assist some of the country’s largest corporations and governments re-open and stay open.

David A. Collard, Founder and CEO of said:

“The world as we know it has dramatically changed course. There is certainly a need for fresh thinking and innovation to navigate the new normal, especially in a post-vaccine environment.

“Over the last 12-months, our team has established the values which underpin the Scale Facilitation™️ philosophy: trust and transparency leading to a thriving innovation continuum.

“With this principle in mind, we have established new “bio bridges” between Australia, the United States, and other international locations to enable these ideas to gain prominence, and importantly, scale.

“As a boy from Geelong, I’m delighted that our global company will have its roots in a city that is building an international reputation as an innovation hub of significant caliber.”

A/Prof Joseph Mathew, Deputy Director of Trauma Services at Alfred Health said:

“My team at The Alfred hospital (Melbourne, Australia) developed an accessible and evidence-based solution to identify, predict and remotely monitor people with COVID-19 and other respiratory illnesses. The Vital Monitoring System enables accurate early intervention that saves lives and reduces virus transmission by keeping people safely watched over from the isolation of home.

“We have worked with the team at and SaniteX Global to provide this technology to all corners of the globe. With this partnership, our innovation promises to help the world transition from one of its most testing times to a more certain future.”

Professor Kon Mouzakis, Co-Director of Deakin University’s Applied Artificial Intelligence Institute said:

“Our partnership with SaniteX Global has enabled some of our most exciting technologies the opportunity to have a global impact.

“The commitment of $1 million from SaniteX Global will allow the Institute to collaborate on the next wave of innovation, today and into the future. We’re looking forward with anticipation what our ongoing partnership with SaniteX Global will bring.”

Join us as we re-open the world

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