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Smart procurement: Use your time and money wisely by taking the guesswork out of procurement.


FEMA reimbursable technology for eligible  entities


Pages of U.S. regulations and guidance navigated

30 sec

To navigate regulations and source vetted supply


Compliant products from vetted


What is SAM?

  • The Smart Analytical Model (SAM) is a regulatory technology (reg-tech) that uses both machine learning (ML) and algorithms to simplify the procurement process and deliver tailored recommendations on the type and quantity of health and safety products and accessories your organization needs.

  • SAM improves the accuracy of procurement decisions; removing wasted time and money spent on unnecessary products.

  • SAM continually refines and trains its predictive algorithms, using hundreds of regulation-derived inputs and physical location data points, to provide procurement accuracy and completeness.

  • Built with guidance from thousands of pages of federal and state regulation, the patent-pending solution generates an easy-to-understand report that details all the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) and accessories to re-open safely and stay open.

  • The cost of SAM and the products it recommends may be eligible for 100% Federal Emergency Management Authority (FEMA) reimbursement for state, local and tribal government, higher-education, and private not-for-profit entities and is considered an allowable expense for the ESSER Fund (CARES Act), ESSER II Fund (CRRSA Act), and ARP ESSER (ARP Act)

SAM adopted by U.S schools

  • Business Managers can, in 30 seconds of logging on to re-open’s online SAM platform, understand exactly how much PPE is required to safely re-open and keep open their school.


  • Each school is issued a certificate of compliance which can be displayed to demonstrate compliance to insurers or other stakeholders.

  • The SAM solution and the products SAM recommends are allowable expenses under the U.S. Federal government's education stabilization fund, which includes funding over the next 3 years.

  • Only products recommended and compliant with government regulations are available through  


Benefits to industry

Removes procurement waste and is FEMA reimbursable for eligible entities.

Assists with limiting general and workers compensation claims. 
(Fig. 1)

Put your people first by procuring trusted, vetted products from local suppliers.

Compliant with regulations
Adheres to state and federal regulations and guidance.

Easy integration
Web-based solution that can be easily accessed from your re-open app store. 
(Fig. 2)

Plan for the future
SAM will assist with other categories of procurement.

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(Fig. 2)


(Fig. 1)

Solution video
Smart Analytical Model (SAM)

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