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Keeping you safe, wherever you are.

Vital Monitoring System (VMS) is an accessible and evidence-based solution to identify and predict the onset of respiratory illness and clinical deterioration from the safety of one’s home or workplace.

Vital Monitoring System exists at three different levels to suit different needs.


VMS Lite

Non-clinical screening using CDC-approved inputs to determine risk of respiratory illness


VMS Premium

Clinically-backed screening using vital signs to indicate risk of respiratory illness



Clinical risk management solution for remote monitoring of patients with respiratory illness


VMS Lite

VMS Lite is a tool that screens for respiratory illness, aligning with CDC guidelines. It uses self-reported inputs to questions to determine a user’s risk of having or developing respiratory illness, including COVID-19.


VMS Premium

VMS Premium is a clinically informed health screening tool which uses clinical information such as heart rate, temperature, and blood oxygen level, alongside general health and wellbeing questions to determine a user's risk of having or developing respiratory illness, such as COVID-19.


VMS Pro is a clinician tool designed to remotely monitor patients with respiratory illness. VMS Pro, which has a 90% patient satisfaction rate, teaches patients how to self-collect clinical data such as heart rate, temperature, and blood oxygen level, and uses the information and a range of other personalized inputs to determine a patient’s risk level. It has a 100% sensitivity rate and an over-triage rate of 2.7%, meaning every case of clinical deterioration is detected.

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Find the right level of coverage for you

VMS Lite
VMS Premium
Identifies risk of respiratory illness
Created by world-leading trauma physicians and prominent research and health institutions
Screening prompted by SMS sent at a tailorable time and frequency
Easy-to-read traffic-light based risk assessment for each individual
Uses non-clinical screening questions
Uses clinical data, e.g., temperature, heart rate, blood oxygen levels
Predicts clinical deterioration of users with respiratory illness
Suitable for use by clinicians and healthcare services
Triages and monitors users for respiratory illness

Case Studies

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The Problem
  • Hospitals overcrowded with low-risk patients
  • Remote monitoring under triaging, putting patients at risk
  • Patients feeling alone and anxious at home
The Solution
  • VMS Pro
  • Patients taught to do their own clinical assessments with results assessed thoroughly and often by a clinician
  • Easy-to-read risk level determines if patients stay at home or attend the hospital 
The Result
  • Only high-risk patients attend the hospital
  • Over triage rate of 2.7%, patient safety prioritised
  • Patients feel confident and less anxious
The Problem
  • Transmission in workplaces leading to office shutdowns
  • Staff cautious of attending the office
  • Lost productivity due to unnecessary WFH days
The Solution
  • VMS Premium
  • Each employee self-reports clinically backed risk assessment
  • Easy-to-read results determine if a staff member can attend work or if they should WFH
The Result
  • Transmission is reduced
  • Office safely returns to full capacity
  • Productivity improves due to staff comfort and reduced WFH orders
The Problem
  • High rates of transmission in schools
  • Children unable to get vaccinated
  • Difficulty social distancing and following mask protocols
The Solution
  • VMS Lite
  • Parents and carers answer quick simple questions about their child’s health

  • Easy-to-read results before the child leaves for school

The Result
  • Less transmission reduces the risk of school shutdowns
  • Having schools open safely allows parents to get back to work, fuelling the economy

  • Children are less likely to be infected
Benefits to Industry
Safe re-opening

Accurate health screening and risk management allows faster and safer re-opening.


Compliant with regulations

Adheres to CDC screening and privacy requirements.

Easy integration

Provides a clinically informed back-end to existing non-clinical screening tools.


Vital Monitoring System

Keeping you safe, wherever you are.

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