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An accessible and evidence-based solution to identify and predict the onset of respiratory illness and provide accurate early intervention, all from the safety of your own home or workplace.


Integration with existing workforce management tools


Of your workforce and customers screened daily



HIPAA-compliant solution


User satisfaction

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What is VMS?

  • The Vital Monitoring System (VMS) is a clinically proven risk management technology that uses algorithms to identify and predict clinical deterioration of users with respiratory illness risk indicators.

  • By answering a few short questions, along with the input of temperature, heart rate and blood oxygenation levels, the VMS algorithm generates an easy-to-read traffic-light based risk assessment for each individual.

  • VMS provides easy and holistic medical screening from the safety of your own home or workplace, via a SMS text message sent at a time and frequency that works for your organization and the individuals being screened.

  • Created by some of the world's leading trauma doctors and technology research professionals from the most prominent research and health institutions.

VMS in the medical industry

  • A hospital subscribes to VMS, also acquiring a vetted Pulse Oximetry Device (POD) and Digital Oral Thermometer (DOT) for each staff member.

  • Every morning, staff will take readings and input their vitals along with a handful of questions regarding their health.

  • Once the data is submitted, a message is sent to the hospital’s VMS dashboard indicating whether or not the staff member is fit to attend work.

  • The staff member is notified via SMS if they are clear to attend work. 

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Benefits to industry
Safe re-opening

Accurate health screening allows faster and safer re-opening.

Compliant with regulations
Adheres to CDC screening and HIPAA requirements.

Easy integration
Can provide a clinical “back-end” to existing non-clinical screening tools.

Remote monitoring
Increased safety and added flexibility for employees.

Reduce workplace transmission
Risk assessment before employees leave home.

Employee confidence
Easy to use, research driven risk assessment.


Solution video
Vital Monitoring System (VMS)

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