Complacency in providing quality PPE will lead to greater public health headaches

You might think of's first blog as thought leadership, but we believe it is called doing our part as a global business focused on protecting community health. Over the coming months, you’ll continue to hear a lot more from us as becomes a larger part of the solution to safely re-opening our global community.

The article linked below, by the Washington Post’s Carolyn Johnson, provides an important insight into why we should continue to be vigilant in our personal lives in response to a continually evolving public health emergency but also underscores the value of what we are doing as company is more important than ever.

Scientists underestimated the coronavirus — and are racing to keep up with evolution

Complacency costs lives, no matter what ‘theater’ you operate in. Our's and our loved ones’ health must transcend all these theaters, but it is the actions of others that put us all at risk.

With the advent of variants of SARS-CoV-2 continuing to emerge, getting quality personal protective equipment (PPE) to every person efficiently and economically continues to be arguably more important than putting ‘jabs in arms’.

Although providing PPE is critical, navigating the highly complex regulations to assist others is a maelstrom of difficulty. And this is will continue to work alongside governments of federal, state or local jurisdiction to ensure there is consistency, clarity and no complacency on the policies pertaining to providing the best and most effective PPE for EVERYONE.

We have lived and breathed these regulations over the past year. Even with this investment of time it is still difficult to navigate these often unfair and unrealistic regulations. To think a teacher or small business owner should have to navigate it by themselves is, quite frankly, ridiculous.

We also believe the window for a vaccine solution alone has been and gone. For those reading this in Australia, when the vaccine finally is administered en masse it will be based on the original variant. We need to learn from what has happened in other countries less geographically blessed as Australia. Leaders of the commonwealth and states must band together to strengthen supply chains, enact logical health data driven measures and incentivize our population to prepare, not be complacent.

All governments worldwide must continue to invest in domestic PPE supply chains and procurement, while ensuring vigilance is upheld for safety in our schools, workplaces and communities to be maintained. As the re-opening of society continues into the future with divergent views across political landscapes, certainty, not complacency needs to be a key tenet.

Thanks for your support and hope you all continue to be safe and well.


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