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Meet PEM: The interactive pandemic-based economic modeling tool’s Pandemic Economic Model (PEM) is an interactive and educational financial tool designed to show the impact of the pandemic on the United States, and therefore, on your organization.

When the U.S. economy shut down during the pandemic, identified the need for national economic data to be modeled and from this, to have a scenario analysis generated. Hence, PEM was born.

Image via Upsplash (@deecee42) designed the custom scope and requirements for the analysis to provide a source of sound data for decisions makers and other stakeholders to consider during their respective decision-making processes.

PEM runs hundreds of customized scenarios across various metropolitan statistical area (MSA) levels using official economic data at the federal, state, and North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code level.

The app can either be used as a static report or, alternatively, can become interactive with just a few simple inputs needed to easily interpret and provide comprehensive data.

PEM can be used to both examine the economic impacts of fiscal uncertainty to inform organizational decisions, but also to take lessons from the first year of the pandemic. PEM has governmental, stakeholder, and educational applications.

This customizable modeling is created by experts to ensure the data is all-encompassing, saving time and effort finding and interpreting out-of-date data and providing a reliable resource for making informed financial re-opening decisions.

PEM provides detailed and readable insight on the pandemic’s effects on employment, labor income, value-added, and tax payments.

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