top of page’s world-leading university partnership has partnered with the world-leading Deakin University to research and develop technology solutions to re-open the world with safety, innovation, and efficiency.

Deakin University, located in Victoria, Australia, is among the Top 1% of all universities globally and has been ranked in the Top 50 young universities in the world.

Deakin fosters innovation and excellence in both education and research to generate ideas that will change the world.’s vision accords with the values Deakin aligns itself with. Both are committed to advancing society, culture, and the economy; creating smarter technologies; and improving health and wellbeing. is proud to be supporting education and research collaboration as one of over 500 of Deakin’s active partners across 57 countries.

“At, we’re committed to working with the best of the best globally,” founder and CEO, David A. Collard says.

“The quality of Deakin’s research supersedes world standards, and they are internationally recognized for research excellence in technology and health and medical sciences.”

Professor Rajesh Vasa is the Head of Translational Research & Development in the Applied Artificial Intelligence Institute (A²I²) at Deakin University.

His background in Software Engineering has seen him work across the globe for trans-national corporations, as well as smaller organizations. He has since moved to academia, focusing on innovation.

A²I² is one of seven institutes within Deakin University. Professor Vasa explains, “It is a core division for translating information technology into practice”.

A²I² integrates areas across the university, including health & well-being, sports sciences, engineering, education, business and law, and media.

“As a principle, [we] work on problems that have high societal value,” says Professor Vasa.’s work with A²I² includes leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and neural networks to develop solutions that will help the world re-open and stay open in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

Professor Vasa says timing is crucial in this space. “Recent advances in computer hardware, wide access to large data, and software frameworks together are giving us a unique ability to leverage AI techniques and methods.”

“The vision of – ‘innovating to improve resilience’ and speed up the recovery from a pandemic – provides us a once-in-a-lifetime ability to help society on this scale,” Professor Vasa says.

“It aligns strongly with our key mission of helping translate research for social good.” is proud to be partnering with the esteemed Deakin University to bring solutions to the world and looks forward to upholding our joint values.

Join us as we re-open the world

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