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Of additional emergency funding allocated by the U.S. federal government for U.S. education

3 Years

Of new U.S. federal funding approved for technology like’s suite of solutions


Teachers could be paid full-time in the U.S. for a year if

SAM was used nation wide


Of’s suite of solutions are approved expenses under the Education Stabilization Fund

Use the resources available to you to secure your future solutions are considered 'allowable expenses' under the multi-year U.S. federal government's education stabilization funds, including the ESSER Fund (CARES Act), the ESSER II Fund (CRRSA Act), and the ARP ESSER (ARP Act).

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New York Education
Smart Analytical Model (SAM)

Below are some of the popular solutions for this industry.

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Smart Analytical Model’s (SAM) deep learning technology instantly navigates thousands of pages of complex federal and state regulations, in under 30 seconds to re-open and stay open safely.

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Footsteps is a location technology that tracks movement using sensors to integrate mapping, location and positioning data to analyze movement patterns. Footsteps offers real-time data to inform analytics, predictive insights, productivity solutions, and importantly customer experience.

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Vital Monitoring System (VMS) is an accessible and evidence-based screening solution to identify and predict the onset of respiratory illness and provide accurate early intervention, all from the safety of your own home or workplace.


All our suppliers have been vetted against the latest U.S. federal government vendor standards in compliance with FEMA reimbursement rules​;

  • Domestic & socioeconomic preferences

  • Procurement of recovered material

  • Contract provisions

  • Not suspended or debarred on

Join us as we re-open the world

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