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From the time someone walks into your building, to the time they leave, Footsteps is designed to understand and measure their entire journey.


FEMA reimbursable technology for eligible  entities


Less sensors required than other location technologies


More accurate than other location technologies



platform with integrated reporting

What is Footsteps?

  • Provides companies with insights that go far beyond people counting.

  • Mobile app and digital signage solutions direct people with the information they need. Help them find things faster and use your space better.

  • The data it collects for tracking can also tell a business how long a person waited in line or if a potential customer left a line due to excessive wait times.

  • While Footsteps is a tool for safety, it can also generate and boost sales at merchandising and concession stores, specifically in large venues.


  • Our contract tracing keeps your team and visitors safe by quickly identifying and measuring exposures in your building.

  • ​​Footsteps measures the number of people and their location by anonymously tracking smart devices or asset tags inside a building.​

Case study

Footsteps in the retail industry

  • Footsteps helps retailers automate occupancy measurement and management while keeping customers informed. Automate store access, create digital signage, and integrate occupancy data into customer-facing apps.

  • Measure the number of people in-store and in-line. Highly accurate data presented in real-time.

  • Decrease wait times to dramatically improve sales throughput. Measure key demographic thresholds to optimize experiences for each segment.

  • Provide customers with best times to visit store, estimated wait times, and current occupancy to empower their own decisions.

  • Maximize store occupancy to drive sales. Use occupancy trends to improve retail strategies to boost performance.

People Walking

Benefits to industry

Capture data
Measure the number of people anonymously through existing WiFi points or sensors.

Deliver insights
Company-provided analytics, security, solutions and more.

Drive action
Use the mobile app and digital signage to help people find and get what they need.

Safe re-opening
Optimize resources while keeping your employees and customers safe.

Easy integration
Footsteps API make it easy to build your own solution or integrate with existing technologies.

Customer satisfaction
Easy to use and navigate, with data-driven information at your fingertips.

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Join us as we re-open the world

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