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Provide clarity to your organization in an uncertain fiscal environment by knowing how industries and states can be impacted economically by public policy decisions.  Pandemic Economic Model (PEM) is an accessible and interactive modeling solution compiled by leading economic statisticians.


Businesses and government agencies captured in data


Increments modeled for phased re-opening and closing scenarios 


States + District of Columbia & select metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs) modeled 


Individual U.S. worksites represented within the survey data 

Pandemic Economic Modelling

What is PEM? provides access to economic modeling and insights to assist your re-opening strategy through our interactive solution. Our insights provide thoughts on the sequencing of industry re-opening strategies based on the analysis of official economic data at the federal, state and North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code level.

  • Multipliers by industry, to determine the economic impact of government decisions

  • Ability to quickly model economic impact of other state re-opening strategies

  • Data sources from authoritative sources and key assumptions used

Interactive reporting including:

  • Job creation (direct, indirect, induced)

  • Recaptured tax revenue

  • Impact on GDP

  • Models phased re-opening impact on economic metrics by industry and state

How PEM can be used in state and local government

  • A Department of Budget official, within a U.S. state, is required to provide input on the state's budget and resource allocation plans.

  • Industry/state lock down and re-opening decisions are within the state's jurisdiction so can somewhat be controlled, but neighboring state and federal policy decisions cannot.

  • To enable preparedness and appropriate scenario planning, the official accesses PEM and within minutes understands the impact on neighboring states, as well as:                        

    • Which industry generates the most recouped tax revenue for the state at various phased re-opening scenarios.

    • Each $1 of GDP restored and the additional indirect and induced GDP created.

    • Each job restored and the number of additional indirect and induced jobs it generates.


Benefits to industry

Prepared by specialists
Compiled by leading economic statisticians with vast economic modeling experience.

Easy to understand
Interactive tool to present the output of otherwise complex scenario modeling. 
(Fig. 1)

Easy integration
Web-based solution that can be easily accessed from your re-open app store.

Customized scenarios
Run hundreds of economic scenarios across national, state and select local MSA levels.
(Fig. 2)

Time efficient solution
Efficiently obtain immediate access to reporting and analysis of the scenarios.

Budget confidence
Make informed budget and policy decisions by planning for decisions outside of your control.


(Fig. 1)


(Fig. 2)

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