top of page set to supply New York State agencies's parent company, SaniteX Global, continues its run of unprecedented success after winning a New York state-wide contract, becoming the only company outside North America entitled to supply health and safety products to New York State for the next five years.


This contract is a testament to our diverse suppliers across the U.S. – including minority- and women-owned business enterprises (MWBE) and service-disabled veteran-owned businesses (SDVOB) – and the Australian companies we have supported to enter the U.S. market.

Our success has been achieved through the hard work and dedication of our Australian and U.S. teams to foster positive relationships with some of the most powerful people in New York.

Speaking virtually at the launch of our Geelong headquarters, State of New York executive, Lauren Merkel – who is the Vice President of International Affairs of the State’s chief economic development arm, Empire State Development (ESD) – explained the sheer passion SaniteX Global’s CEO and Founder, David A. Collard showed from the moment they first met.

“Within the first few months of the pandemic, Dave and I connected related to PPE. In the months that followed, Dave continued to develop his products and offerings with his team and offered to assist New York in any way he could.

“I personally have been amazed to see his stamina, perseverance, ingenuity, and sheer drive to help people in his homeland of Australia and his current home of New York, all the while diving deep into regulations to get it right and find efficiencies and opportunities.

SaniteX Global is proud to have been awarded this contract, which all New York agencies – including the NYPD, Department of Health, and Department of Education – are required to buy from for the next five years under State procurement rules.

"When you consider that the size of this state-wide contract is bigger than an equivalent contract for the whole of Australia, it just really puts into perspective the incredible effort our team has put into making this happen," says Collard.

“Our vision doesn’t end in New York; we’re working to expand SaniteX Global across the world, utilizing the immediate opportunity this contract presents and integrating with our platform, and its predictive procurement app, the Smart Analytical Model (SAM).”


About OGS Centralized Contracts The New York State Office of General Services offers contracts for use by State agencies and other authorized users, this is known as a centralized contract. It is required by State Finance Law that agencies use centralized contracts when purchasing commodities and services. This ensures those commodities and services meet requirements with respect to form, function, and utility.

About Solicitation #23222 – PPE and Related Items Solicitation #23222 regards PPE and related items,

  1. Respirators (N95 & PAPR)

  2. Masks (Surgical, Clear View & Non-Surgical)

  3. Face Shields & Goggles (Medical & Non-Medical)

  4. Gloves (Vinyl & Nitrile)

  5. Gowns & Coveralls (Isolation, Surgical (Disposable & Reusable) & Coveralls)

  6. Covers (Shoe/Boot & Hair)

  7. Hand Sanitizer (Ethyl Alcohol & Isopropyl Alcohol)

  8. Wipes (Disinfecting & Isopropyl Alcohol)

  9. Fit Test Kits

About SaniteX Global SaniteX Global is a Scale Facilitation™ company that removes barriers to commercialization and facilitates innovators with the right strategic partners who will adopt and truly scale their innovations. SaniteX Global supports both tangible and intangible product innovation and focuses on finding insertion points for scaling innovations.

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