top of page’s innovative health screening tool’s Vital Monitoring System (VMS) is setting an exemplary standard for screening tools.

VMS is a clinically proven risk management technology that uses algorithms to identify and predict respiratory illness, including but not limited to COVID-19 and subsequent variants. Not only can VMS track the clinical deterioration of users, but it can also predict it, all from the comfort of the user’s home.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is now commonplace to be screened upon entry to a variety of physical environments. VMS was created by some of the world’s leading doctors and technology research professionals from Alfred Health and Deakin University, addressing the flaws in current screening measures.

Rudimentary tools rely on users disclosing their symptoms and providing details to aid contact-tracing efforts while the more thorough tools require pages of information to be filled out by either the user or administrator. Of these rigorous screening tools, many use vital signs to determine risk, however, this data is often collected by a healthcare professional or administrator.

Screening upon entry to an environment reduces the risk of transmission inside the building but does little to reduce potential transmission when traveling between places.

VMS eliminates the disadvantages of these methods, providing an easy and holistic medical screening that incorporates the elements of medical examination, retains the ease and swiftness of self-reporting tools, and can be done before one leaves home.

When a workplace subscribes to VMS, they can order a vetted Pulse Oximetry Device (POD) and Digital Thermometer (DT) for each staff member from

Before entering the workplace, staff will each use their POD and DT to take readings. They will then input their vitals and a few questions about their health.